Corporate websites

Websites of companies that need to quickly update content without revising the entire site.

Blogs and journals

Publishing platforms where authors can focus on creating content while designers and developers work independently.

Digital exhibitions and interactive installations

Projects that require dynamic real-time content updates.

Multilingual platforms

Websites and applications that provide content in multiple languages and can easily manage translations through HeadlessCMS.


For designers, artists, and photographers who want to present their work in different formats and styles.


For online stores that want to provide their content on different platforms, such as mobile applications, kiosks, and even through IoT devices.

Mobile applications

Applications that require constant content updates, such as news, articles, or product updates.

Educational platforms

Websites and applications for learning that require constantly updated content.

Omnichannel platforms

Where content needs to be consistent across different platforms and devices.

Service offerings

Beauty salons, medical clinics, auto services, electronic menus, shop windows, electronic billboards, interactive mall maps.