Secure, individual cloud space and a ready-to-use backend
for easy managing any applications


You do not need

You do not need

To deal with connecting multiple services and worry about their support

To deal with server configuration for the backend, containers, and databases

Take care of database architecture and query optimization, as well as additional tools

Ensure the security of your server and maintain its power

Develop BackEnd logic and constantly improve it

Choose tools for storing files and data

Hardcode content

You get

  • Ready easily scalable backend for your applications

  • Flexible API and convenient SDK for all JavaScript/TypeScript frameworks, SWIFT, and Kotlin.

  • Technical support service and weekly updates

  • Convenient, multilingual administrative panel that does not require technical knowledge

  • Comprehensive and autonomous content management toolkit, including various services.

  • Virtual storage on modern and powerful servers

  • SSL and mTLS certificates, daily backup will ensure content preservation.

You get


Customizable system for any needs

Customizable system for any needs

OneEntry combines the ease of use of a traditional website and application management system with the flexibility of a Headless CMS that includes all the necessary features for the successful operation of any business project.

  • Administration

    OneEntry is available to everyone, from marketers to warehouse workers, thanks to flexible permission settings that allow adapting access for system users.

  • Interaction with the user

    Set up access rights to content, create personal accounts, send push notifications, and conduct various mailings; collect reviews, comments, and ratings, as well as integrate with third-party CRM systems for efficient data exchange.

  • Goods and services

    Use the already implemented convenient structure of the product or service catalog, manage discounts and bonuses. Take advantage of the built-in payment system and organization of product delivery, as well as the possibility of integration with accounting and warehouse programs for data exchange.

  • Content management

    Manage banners, informational blocks, feedback forms, surveys, content pages.