The most user-friendly content management for any platform.

This is a unique solution for the most convenient content development, creation and management. Easily port content to any platform: websites, mobile apps, commercial electronic devices (info panels, advertising boards, eMenu, etc).

Use the most state-of-the-art development tools to the max for fast and high-quality results.

Perfect focus on developer tasks. Choose development tools you find the most convenient - Vue, React, Angular, Kotlin, JAVA, Swift and many other.

Headless CMS only stores content no matter the interface, so you can use a ready-made backend for any project, on any platform. Such advantageous approach provides a ready-made backend with scalable, flexible system, and the possibility to manage all websites and apps on a singular platform.

This HCMS concept reduces development financial costs and enables practically unlimited scaling.

Easy solution for content creators.

User-friendly interface for adding and editing text, images, and creating forms. The system is geared towards convenience of use for all members of the team, from developers to content creators and marketing experts.

Be one the same wavelength with your users.

The system makes it possible to work with projects in multiple languages. Manage content in various languages and arrange your content structure depending on the language used.

Suitable for projects of any scale and level of difficulty.

OneEntry functionality is unlimited

  • Create structure and content that will work perfectly on Frontend. Diversify your content with automatically optimized images.

  • Keep in touch with your users via feedback forms, surveys and reviews. We're making managing these tools fast and easy with our system.

  • Full set of tools for online stores: goods catalogue import, reception and confirmation of orders, discounts, deals, delivery and payment management, user profile creation, statistics analysis. All necessary tools for omni-channel sales.

  • OneEntry offers a full set of tools to make your work comfortable.

OneEntry functionality is unlimited

Scope of application

Scope of application

  • Corporate and landing websites

    • Easy creation and optimization of digital business projects.

    • Marketing tools.

    • Easily scale you project.

    • Keep in touch with your audience, create feedback and comment forms, open surveys to increase conversion rate.

  • E-commerce. Online stores

    • Optimized big data processing for goods catalogues.

    • Simple goods catalogue import.

    • Tools for marketing experts: clear and easy to understand statistics for popular goods, configuration of discounts, deals, sales, cumulative discounts for regular customers.

    • Integration with payment and delivery management systems.

  • Mobile apps

    • Expand your Internet presence, ensure customers can access your content from any device.

    • Flexible data structuring.

    • One service for content management on all platforms.

    • Scalable app structure.

  • Apps for business

    • Create anything you need for content management, including eMenus for restaurants, shopping mall maps, and user profiles for service business.

Become a part of community dedicated to openness and ready to help you anytime!

Our system is aimed at a wide range of users with different backgrounds. Thus there are specialists of various levels of experience in our team: from beginners only starting out their careers to highly qualified experts.

Beginner developers test the product at their level, while more experienced specialists contribute their knowledge of various business sectors and technologies to improve the logic and the productivity of our system.

The innovativeness of our project causes great interest, and, while developing it, we've managed to gather a unique community where experienced specialists are always ready to help beginners, ensuring their professional growth.


Flexibility, willingness to change and accept new ideas are the fundamental principles of our community. With us, your opinion will never go unheard!

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